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This online version of the Louisiana Code of Evidence by Gulf Coast Legal Publishing is designed for desktop browsers and mobile devices with ease of use in mind. The Code articles are sourced straight from the Louisiana legislature, and efforts are made to keep the text as current as possible. As of this writing, the articles are current through the 2020 legislative sessions.

The home page navigation mirrors the Code’s table of contents:

• Chapter 1. General Provisions
• Chapter 2. Judicial Notice
• Chapter 3. Effect in Civil Cases of Presumptions and Prima Facie Evidence
• Chapter 4. Relevancy and Its Limits
• Chapter 5. Testimonial Privileges
• Chapter 6. Witnesses
• Chapter 7. Opinions and Expert Testimony
• Chapter 8. Hearsay
• Chapter 9. Authentication and Identification
• Chapter 10. Contents of Writings, Recordings, and Photographs
• Chapter 11. Miscellaneous Rules

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